'Rings' Aims To Drag You Back To The Well This November

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It may have been ten years since 'The Ring Two' hit cinemas, and VHS tapes have become basically non-existent but apparently that's not going to stop Samara from crawling out of your tv.

Director F. Javier Gutie;rrez (Before The Fall) has announced that the third entry in the series, titled Rings, has begun filming and despite speculation of it being an origin story he confirmed it takes place thirteen years after the events of 'The Ring' putting it squarely in the here and now. The script has been written by Jacob Aaron Estes (Mean Creak), Akiva Goldsman (Insurgent), and David Loucka (House at the End of the Street). Bringing in two lesser known screenwriters with experience in crime and horror combined with a big name like Goldsman means the script has a lot of potential. So far it's been announced the film's stars will be Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz (Fuoriclasse) and Alex Roe (Sniper: Legacy).

The Ring is based on a Japanese novel by Koji Suzuki, a successful horror writer, and focuses on a videotape bound to an angry spirit who kills you seven days after you watch the tape. The only way to avoid her wrath is by making a copy of the tape. Who knows how this is going to play out in 2015 where most people don't even own VHS players any more.

Rings is due to hit cinemas November 13 in the USA. Are you excited to see more freaky images and creepy girls climbing out of your television? Or do you worry the concept is too dated?

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