Karl Urban In Talks to Return As Dredd In Judge Dredd: Mega-City One

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Rejoice citizens of Mega City One! The one true Dredd is in talks to return! 

Karl Urban is in early discussion to return to the role of Dredd for the live-action TV adaptation titled Judge Dredd: Mega-City One. Ever since the show was announced three months ago, Urban has kept mom on his apparent return.

However, speaking at Star Trek Las Vegas this past weekend he let slip that he’s in talks with IM Global to reprise his role the role.  

“I am in discussions with them about that,” he said. “I told them that if they write the material and give Dredd something to do and give him a function, I will be there. I would love to.”

Urban has played an active role in keeping Dredd alive ever since Pete Travis’ 2012 film Dredd failed to set the box office alight – despite a strong critical response - and he has actively campaigned alongside the fans the movie to either get a sequel or be adapted onto the small screen.

So far, the only connecting tissue between the movie and the TV series are the show’s executive produ cers: Stuart Ford, Jason Kingsley, and Chris Kingsley, who all produced the movie.

Previously, producer Brian Jenkins has said everyone involved in the production would love to see Urban return but its dependent on the actor’s schedule. At least we now know that Urban is interested in reprising his role. 

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