Watch Dogs 2 - Human Conditions DLC Announced

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Ubisoft has just announced the first big DLC expansion for Watch Dogs 2, continuing Deadsec and Marcus' war on corporate greed and manipulation.

The Human Conditions DLC will add new multi-mission Operations to the core game with fresh story content that deals with the Russian mob using ransomware on clinics, Noodle's self-driving AI iniative that hides an Orwellian algorithm, and the return of an original Watch Dogs character.

There are also new co-op challenges. Ubisoft will be releasing the Human Conditions DLC first on PlayStation 4 as a timed exclusive.

"The new expansion is a meaty one, adding three new multi-mission Operations to the story and giving Marcus Holloway and his DedSec crew new villains to hunt," posted Ubiblog. "We’ve plowed through two of the new Operations, and they’re pretty substantial, with new areas to explore and unique challenges to face".

Watch Dogs 2 - Human Conditions DLC releases on PlayStation 4 February 21st, 2017 and on PC and Xbox One March 23rd.

Watch Dogs 2 - Human Conditions
A expansion to Watch Dogs 2 adding new co-op challenges, a new enemy type to thwart and three new multi-mission Opera...
Release Dates
23 Mar 2017-PC
23 Mar 2017-Xbox One
21 Feb 2017-PS4
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