Everything We Know About Game Of Thrones Season 7

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The official seventh season for HBO's Game of Thrones debuts this summer and here's everything our network of street urchins has learned about it.


• US: July 16th (HBO)

• UK: July 17th (Sky Atlantic, Now TV)


This is the seventh season and so it's fitting there are seven episodes. In total there are just thirteen hour-long glimpses into the world that is Game of Thrones because that's all the showrunners at HBO have left to tell, meaning the final season will have just six episodes.

Season 7 episode schedule:

Episode 1 - July 16th/17th

Episode 2 - July 24th

Episode 3 - July 31st

Episode 4 - August 7th

Episode 5 - August 14th

Episode 6 - August 21st

Episode 7 - August 28th

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Story Expectations (Spoilers)

Here be spoilers! Seriously, do not read beyond this point if your allergic to surprises being ruined.

There's some serious warfare on the march for season seven and that's partly thanks to the increased budget per episode now that there's fewer of them to make. One major fisticuffs between armies is said to involve a battle larger than the Battle of the Bastards from season six, which cost around $10 million. There's a huge number of extras being drafted in for it, with as many as 70 extra horses.

The trailer for season seven has given a strong hint that some of the great houses might not make it through Westeros alive by the end. It also showed where the Children of the Forest created the Night King by plunging a dragonglass dagger into a man's heart.

It's already leaked that Jon Snow will almost certainly be meeting Daenerys thanks to a photo of actors Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke on set together. However there's also a rumour that the showrunners are purposefully throwing out false hints at upcoming moments to avoid major spoilers.

Some highlights:

• Tyrion and Davos will be crossing paths, with likely fallout from the Battle of Blackwater

• Sansa isn't pregnant with Ramsay's child

• Theon Greyjoy is 'seeking redemption'

• The Mountain and The Hound brothers could reunite to 'fight to the death'

• Bran Stark might inadvertently allow the Night King's invasion of the south

• Arya continues crossing names of her murder list

• Return of Arya's direwolf, Nymeria

• Grey Worm and Daenerys' servant Missandei 'get steamy'

• Cersei Lannister being Cersei Lannister

For those who really enjoy having everything spoiled for them ahead of time then the entire summarised plot of season seven has been apparently leaked

The show is now beyond the point of George R.R. Martin's books A Song of Ice and Fire, but actor Kit Harrington did hint that things are going to get 'a lot darker' from here on out, but what does Jon Snow know? Nothing. Except what's in the season seven script I guess.


Everyone is returning for season seven who isn't already buried six feet under. Most of the filming is taking place in Northern Ireland which has become the major hub for locations meaning there's going to be an awful lot of chilly wind and bitter cold going around.

David Bradley however returns in the seventh season but isn't exactly himself (Walder Frey), as it seems someone with the know-how is using him to gain access to others, perhaps for some sort of murderous revenge?

We'll be updating with more information as we draw closer to Game of Thrones Season 7 in July 2017.

Game of Thrones Season 7
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