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Get Ready To Summon Another Ancient Spirit In Ouija 2

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Just when you thought movies based on century-old board games couldn't possibly work, Parker Bros. and Blumhouse Productions have decided to prove you wrong by announcing Ouija 2.

Many people scoffed when they heard about 2014's Ouija, even after it was released. However, it turned a $5 million budget into a $100 million box office hit. So, it was hardly a surprise when Blumhouse announced yesterday it was sequel time.

Ouija followed a group of friends who inadvertantly summoned a malevolent ghost when they used the famous spirit board, as one is wont to do in movies. We can expect the sequel to follow a similar story, though as of yet that has not been announced. What has been announced is that the sequel will be written by Michael Flanagan and Jeff Howard, the duo behind 2013's Oculus.

Ouija 2 is set to release on October 21 2016 in the USA. Are you excited to see more spirit board antics?

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