Get Ready to Bank on The Big Short

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Heading into The Wolf of Wall Street territory, Anchorman director Adam McKay is ready to put every dime on financial-crisis drama The Big Short.

Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Melissa Leo, Brad Pitt, Marisa Tomei, Karen Gillan and Selena Gomez are all among the impressive cast riding the financial crisis, and the first trailer has just arrived online, courtesy of studio Paramount.

Based on Moneyball author Michael Lewis’ book, subtitled 'Inside The Doomsday Machine', the movie follows several key people who had roles in creative the toxic credit bubble that sent the financial markets into panic mode over the last decade (you know, that thing summarised in the end credits of McKay’s other film, The Other Guys).

Carell is Steve Eisman, a money manager who shorted subprime mortgages for FrontPoint Partners, while Gosling is Deutsche Bank trader Greg Lippmann. Bale is Michael Burry, the founder of the Scion Capital and one of the first people to predict the coming crisis. And Pitt, in more of a supporting part, is Ben Hockett, a partner at Cornwall Capital.

McKay also wrote the screenplay with Charles Randolph (Love And Other Drugs). Pitt is also among the producers, and shooting took place earlier this year in New Orleans.

The Big Short is out in the UK on January 22.

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