Our E3 Prediction Round-Up!

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E3 is the most exciting time of the year for anybody interested in this wonderful industry; writers, gamers and developers alike start to salivate when publishers start teasing their announcements with “more at E3” painted onto the end of press releases.

As such, we here at Releases have done a whip-around of what we would like to see at the big show this year:


Beginning with Microsoft, Daniel thinks we’ll see Crackdown kick off the press conference and thinks it will probably be the best game at their event. He also reckons we’ll be sitting around for a little while as Microsoft will most definitely spend too much time showing off Halo 5: Guardians. As for Sony, Daniel can tell the event won’t start on time, but hopes they’ll make up for it by ending their show with The Last Guardian, throwing out an official release date for this Fall, considering the lack of AAA exclusives coming out at that time.

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Daniel’s also expecting Sony to show off their own third-party deal to rival Rise of the Tomb Raider's Xbox One exclusivity and, if Project Morpheus is given a price, it will be less than $200.

Nintendo will reveal a brand new IP that we’ll all desperate to play and they will spend far too much time on Mario Maker. Elsewhere at the event, Daniel reckons Pro Skater 5 will not impress the public, “Game of the Show” awards will go to new IP’s from Killzone developer Guerrilla Games and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream and the best event will belong to Bethesda or Square Enix.


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Miles is personally excited about Bethesda’s first solo presentation at E3, as we should be! He’s got his fingers crossed for some Doom footage and a look at Fallout 4 at long last.

Also, assuming the rumours are true and Phil Spencer is hiding something; Microsoft may be unveiling Silent Hills as an Xbox One exclusive. Microsoft will also be providing more information on the Windows 10 integration with Xbox One; “if it's going to cause games and apps to flood the system they really need to update the store page because it's already clunky and troublesome to navigate with the limited number it has.”


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As an RPG buff, Jake is looking forward to the inevitable announcement of Fallout 4, but would also like to see The Elder Scrolls VI: Elsweyr, he knows that won’t happen though. On the topic of things that won’t happen, Jake would also like to see a home console announcement of Pokken Tournament, but we’re not going to see that until next year at the earliest.

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Otherwise, he’s hoping Microsoft might attempt to bring back the BattleToads after their appearance in Shovel Knight, and perhaps a new Red Dead game might show up. As for Sony, The Last Guardian looks too promising to be legitimate, but he’s on the hopeful side, and is looking forward to Guerrilla Games’s new IP and maybe even some Persona 5 footage.


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With his fingers crossed, Jamie is looking forward to seeing Medieval 3 at Sony’s press conference, but isn’t feeling all that confident about it... Otherwise, he’s excited to see what Sony will bring to the table at their event.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo begins June 16 and runs until the 18th at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

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