Homefront: The Revolution "Not A Continuation" Of Original 2011 Homefront

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Sorry but the original Homefront from THQ back in 2011 doesn't hold the new upcoming Homefront from Deep Silver to too much beyond an occupied United States - it's breaking free of its previous lore.

Dambuster Studios is holding the reins now and they've expanded the idea and premise behind the original "by 360 degrees," according to narrative designer CJ Kershner. There's a reason they went with the name Homefront: The Revolution and not 'Homefront 2'. This isn't a sequel but effectively a rewrite of the franchise.

"Dambuster is making its own unique mark on the name of Homefront, so anything that you remember or know about the first game: forget it now," he said. "It's not a continuation of that story or that style of gameplay. There's a reason we don't call it Homefront 2."

They kept the name because it already has 'power' associated with it about a guerilla force fighting back against an oppressive occupier. That premise is something they are differently interested in, especially a technologically superior enemy working to crush the little guy.

"There's power in that core premise of being a guerrilla fighter and fighting in your own neighborhoods against a technologically and numerically superior military force. The premise is strong and the execution on the first game leveraged the story and the idea, but not the actual mechanics of what that would involve," he continued.

The Revolution is based in the occupied city of Philadelphia where the North Korean military has taken control and tightened their grip for the past four years. We take part in and lead a resistance movement through guerilla warfare to try and weaken a superior military force. It's a single-player campaign with online four-player co-op.

Homefront: The Revolution releases on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

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