Skullgirls Developer Announces New RPG Project: Indivisible

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Lab Zero Games, the Californian developer behind indie fighting gem Skullgirls, has announced their latest project: the action-RPG Indivisible.

The new game stars Ajna (pronounced AHZH-na) who must set out on a globe-spanning journey to discovered the truth behind her mysterious powers. Along the way, a large scope of unique characters will join the quest and a variety of new skills will be gained to combat the enemies who lie in wait.

As you'll notice in the trailer, Indivisible packs the same hand-drawn aesthetic which Skullgirls boasted. The game also features a gorgeous soundtrack from Secret of Mana composer, Hiroki Kikuta, a snippet of which is available in the trailer above.

Inspired by the likes of Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid, Indivisible looks very interesting. We'll be sure to report back once more details are available, most likely in September when the playable prototype and crowdfunding campaign launch.

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