Bungie Reveals Details for Crucible-Focused Crimson Days Event

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After announcing the next seasonal event last week, Bungie has revealed the details behind their upcoming Crimson Days event for Destiny. The Valentines-themed event will last only a week and will be Crucible-focused.

According to the official announcement, the event "celebrates two Guardians, united against the competition, watching one another’s backs and becoming legend together." The event will introduce a new two-on-two PvP mode where you'll form a team with a buddy and take part in a five-round Elimination March.

If your partner falls in battle, you'll gain a Broken Heart buff which will allow you to avenge them in style: you're faster to draw and recover from damage, but you'll lose it if you revive your partner, die, or the round ends.

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Additionally, Lord Shaxx has a new Quest which will offer a new Emblem. In terms of loot, you can pick up new Ghost shells (pink and chocolate), new Shaders, and Crimson Candy which will offer XP buffs for your entire team. New emotes are abound as well, including a dance inspired by Drake's recent Hotling Bling video.

Crimson Days will last from February 9th until the 16th, then it's gone!

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