6 Ways The Stuntman Series Can Make A Triumphant Return

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The Stuntman series included just two entries, the first debuting by THQ in 2002, while the sequel, titled Stuntman Ignition, landed in 2007. 

It was a franchise that introduced a perfect mix of racing and action that asked gamers one question: Do you have what it takes to rise from rookie driver to hero on the silver screen? These games put you in the seat of a Hollywood stuntman in a quest to capture magic for the cameras that were consistently rolling. Players had to race against the clock and meet a director's expectations in order to capture the beauty found in driving scenes... all from satire movies.

Since it closed its doors in 2013, the Stuntman IP was sold off to Nordic Games, the publisher behind MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore & The Book Of Unwritten Tales series. We're not sure if they currently have a team working on a new Stuntman game or not. If they don't, we'll be disappointed, but in light of the situation, we're here to help them bring back the series in a triumphant way. 

Here's 6 additions to the series that could make Stuntman 3 truly great... 

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6. New Commands/New Vehicles 

For the most part, the first two games had us driving standard, four-wheeled vehicles. A Tuk Tuk in the first game was probably as obscure as it got. In the next entry, we'll be more than happy to pilot helicopters, jet skis, boats, or snowmobiles to get the job done. 

As far as commands go, with new vehicles in different terrains, new commands should easily follow. Have us smash someone or an object by holding the door open, make us shift our cars specific times, or make us drift up a heap of snow onto a group of enemies splattering gunfire.

5. Add Co-Op 

Every great chase on the big-screen requires more than one car being in on the action. 

Let us team up with a friend and work together to capture something film-worthy. Or, have one us be the villain chasing our hero pal while attempting to cause vehicle tension for the audience's enjoyment. 

4. Include Movie Scenes We Already Know

Most of the movies made up in the games were spoofs of known franchises: There was one for Dukes of Hazard, James Bond, and Indiana Jones too. 

In a sequel, appeal to a whole new group of movie fans who also love games by letting them capture the action they love from their favorite films. Spectre featured a good downhill chase, Mad Max: Fury Road has tons of fans, and who isn't up for a Fast & Furious section? 

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3. Horse-Like Multiplayer 

To get a perfect run in the first titles, you had to continually keep a chain of action stunts going all the way through a run without letting a timer expire.

Set up a procedurally-generated level that's different each new round, then task the first player with driving out and trying to chain a group of stunts together before the timer hits zero. After witnessing the first player's run, the second player, like in the basketball game HORSE, has to then go out and try to mimic the same twists and turns of their opponent. If they're successful they then begin the next round, but if they're not, they get a letter. The first person to get enough letters to spell HORSE, loses. 

2. A Story Mode 

Make us care about the man behind the wheel. No other game puts us in control of a Stuntman on a movie set; take advantage of the opportunity you've been handed!

Show him landing a big opportunity, tell us what the gig is, then let us go make our first movie. As time goes on, perhaps the stuntman or stuntwoman wants more credit for the work they do that seems to be consistently stolen by the actors they portray. In the end, after showing they're the best for any part, have us become the lead actor in a role who also does their very own stunts.

1. On-Foot Stunts 

We'd hate for the series to take an unnecessary turn, but if done right, it could make perfect sense, especially alongside our idea for an in-depth storyline. 

We imagine this would consist of third-person parkour sessions, with commands similar to those found in Mirror's Edge. Run, jump, slide, wall run, etc. Sets could consist of construction sites, areas of high traffic, and of course, rooftops. 

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Are you a fan of the Stuntman series? Have your own ideas for the third entry? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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