The Colonists Announced, Early Access This August

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A new settlement game called The Colonists has been announced with it coming to Steam Early Access next month for PC. It's by a one-person indie dev.

It will feature a single-player campaign, a free mode, and competitive multiplayer as well as co-op in this settlement management game that borrows from Anno and The Settlers. The twist is that we're actually controlling robots who are laying down the foundations.

Our 'robot squad' will go from the Stone Age through to the Space Age in terms of resource development and infrastructure as we begin with very little and must strive to become self-sufficient quickly. A website has been launched for The Colonists.

"Harvest natural resources, set up farming and food production, sculpt the terrain to optimise your networks, conquer other settlements or trade with new allies. Explore, research, manage, tweak and refine to your heart's content!"

The Colonists releases on PC through Steam Early Access in August 2017.

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The Colonists
A settlement building game from indie developer Codebyfire. Featuring a story campaign, free-to-play mode, competitiv...
Release Dates
9 Nov 2017-PC (Early Access)
4 May 2021-Switch
4 May 2021-PS4
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