Anson Mount Will Be Black Bolt in Marvel's Inhumans 

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Marvel’s Inhumans has found its Black Bolt. 

Anson Mount, star of Hell on Wheels, will become the King of The Inhumans, when the show makes its bow on IMAX in six months.  

What’s intriguing about the character is that he does not speak. Not that he cannot speak, it’s just that even a whisper will unleash a sonic wave that could level an entire city. To avoid that destruction, he has mentally trained himself to remain silent — even while asleep — and communicates with others through a spokesperson or sign language. 

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Showrunner and executive producer Scott Buck comments: "Black Bolt is a character whose deep complexity must be conveyed without uttering a single word, and I'm very excited to have Anson on board to bring him to life."

Executive producer Jeph Loeb concurs: “Anson loves the challenge of playing a character who will only communicate silently. His enthusiasm mixed with his imposing, almost regal persona, made it easy to see why he is our Black Bolt.”

Recently Game Of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon was cast in the role of Black Bolt's brother, Maximus, dedicated to his people but desiring to sit on the Inhumans throne himself. 

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