Here's How To Access The Old Hunters Expansion

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With The Old Hunters expansion to Bloodborne releasing tomorrow, Sony wants to make sure you know how to access the long-awaited DLC with ease by giving a simple tutorial.

Unfortunately, it's not gonna be as easy as pressing start on the PS4's home screen. Here's what you'll need to do:

- Defeat the boss of the Cathedral Ward and examine the altar in the back of the room to change the in-game time to night.
- Go to the Hunter’s Dream and receive the Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter from a messenger.
- Go to the Oedon Chapel and leave via the left-hand exit to enter the square.
- Go to the right-hand end of the square to trigger an event which will take you to the new area: the Hunter’s Nightmare.
- Lighting the lamp in the new area will allow you to travel to and from the area via an Awakening Headstone in the Hunter’s Dream.

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