Kevin Smith Confirms Mallrats 2

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Kevin Smith is a busy, busy man. He has Yoga Hosers in post-production, Clerks III in pre-production and Moose Jaws announced it appears Kevin Smith likes to plan ahead. Despite this already full plate, Smith announced that he is working on a script for Mallrats 2, with a view to begin shooting May 2016.

The original Mallrats will celebrate its 20th anniversary this October, and while it's likely we'll see some returning characters, as of yet we don't know which ones. The film charts the misadventures of two friends, played by Jason Lee (Tell) and Jeremy London (24 Hours), as they spend a day at the mall after they are both dumped. The film also stars Shannen Doherty (Bukowski), Claire Forlani (Another Me) and Ben Affleck (Gone Girl). Stan Lee (Basically every Marvel movie) also puts in an appearance, as do view-askewniverse regulars Jay and Silent Bob, played by Jason Mews (Clerks III) and Kevin Smith himself.

Mallrats 2 is due to begin filming May 2016 with no release date attached yet. Kevin Smith said he doesn't think people are too interested in a Mallrats sequel, do you disagree?

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