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Bandai Namco has a thirst for blood in Code Vein, a vampire-themed action-RPG that's exploring dungeons. It's a 'hard' action-RPG from the God Eater team.

This isn't some sparkly-faced vampire love romp but a blood drenched battle between powerful Revenant vampires who suffer lost memories and the monstrous blood-starved Lost. A big part of Code Vein is the Buddy system that lets you take a partner into the dungeons.

The Revenant like their sword weaponry but also have some other close range implements like spears and hammers, and the ever-popular sword-gun combos.

Code Vein highlights:

• Blood Veil – The Blood Veil is an equipment unique tot he Revenant, used to suck up blood from the Lost. While in use, it appears in the form of clothing, and also functions as armor. While in use to suck up blood, it uses a mechanism for the purpose, and we see a change in the user’s mask as well.

• Special Ability: Blood Smelting – This action becomes possible after acquiring blood from the Lost after successfully sucking up their blood using Blood Veil. This allows you to power yourself up, debuff enemies, do direct attacks, and other uses.

Code Vein is in development and is reportedly 35% complete with no official platforms announced yet for its 2018 launch.

Code Vein
A vampire-themed action RPG with dungeon exploration, and powered by Unreal Engine 4. We control vampires with supern...
Release Dates
2 Months Left-PC
2 Months Left-Xbox One
2 Months Left-PS4
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