The History Of Treyarch's Zombies Mode Maps

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With Treyarch ready to release the next installment in the Call of Duty and Black Ops series tomorrow, we thought we'd take a look back at the maps the development team has brought to us starting with those found in Call of Duty: World At War, the game that started all the zombie-killing craze in the Call of Duty series.

World At War

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Nacht der Untoten - "Night of the Undead"

The original map, and our favorite of them all, is the most brilliant because of how simple it is. It's the smallest of them all with only three rooms in a nearly-demolished building. There's just one Mystery Box in a constant location and there's no chance of you getting any Perk-a-Colas to drink to help you out on this godforsaken night.

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Verrückt - "Crazy/Insane"

Zombies became a bit more aggressive in this map. Unlike the zombies in the original, they could now attack through windows and sprint quickly towards you. This asylum included different factions, a German and American side with their respective weapons located in each.

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Shi No Numa - "Swamp of Death"

The swamp! This map had five main buildings and four unlockable areas connecting them. This is the map that introduced the zipline and special rounds where players took on the Hellhounds - Those annoying things!

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Der Riese - "The Giant"

Set in Germany, near Breslau, this map is the first to have zombies climbing and jumping around areas to get to you. This map also introduces teleporters, Monkey Bombs, the Bowie Knife, and the Fly Trap.

No wonder it's a fan-favorite!

Black Ops

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Kino der Toten - "Cinema of the Dead"

This large abandoned theater in Berlin is the first to have purchasable Cold War weapons and introduces Crawler Zombies. It's the first Zombies map to not have the Mystery Box spawn in a fixed location.

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Playable characters include President John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Robert McNamara, and Fidel Castro all on a mission to save the Pentagon. Introduces elevators which can both get you in and out of some pretty sticky situations.

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Takes players to an abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome. Features Russian cosmonaut, scientist, military, and civilian zombies. By using the three red telephones, you'll be able to hear the characters from "Five." The only map with the launch pad named the "Lunar Lander."

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Call of the Dead

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo become playable characters with George A. Romero appearing as a zombie boss before the rounds even begin. The cast stars as a shipwrecked crew in an abandoned Siberian outpost.

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Players are brought to a legendary shrine in an exotic jungle. The "Call of the Dead" crew returns after being teleported from the Siberian facility. Napalm Zombies, Shrieker Zombies, & Zombie Monkeys make their presence known.

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Players are taken off planet Earth and put on a moon base! Phasing Zombies, Astronaut Zombies, the Wave Gun, Perk-a-Cola Mule Kick, and the Quantum Entaglement Device tactical grenade are introduced.

Black Ops II

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Green Run

This map is split into five locations: Bus Depot, Diner, Farm, Power Plant, and Town. The events in the map take place after what happened in "Moon."

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Nuketown Zombies

Everyone's favorite multiplayer map gets overrun by zombies! Takes place at the same time as the events in "Moon," in the aftermath of that nuke explosion that occurs at the end of each multiplayer match.

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Die Rise

This map takes zombie-hunters to China, throughout the interior of toppled and crumbling skyscrapers. A new buildable weapon, the Sliquifier joins the mix which you can use on the new bosses - Jumping Jacks, A.K.A. minions.

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Mob of the Dead

Takes place at Alcatraz Island with four new characters, mobsters that are inmates of the prison. The Blundergat weapon and a new perk Electric Cherry, are introduced along with the new boss known as Brutus.

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Takes place in an underground western town. Features a friendly non-playable character known as "The Giant" who will help fight by your side if you give him some candy. A ghostly woman also haunts the mansion found at the location; watch out for her!

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Chronologically speaking, the Origins map is of course the first Zombies level in the time-line. Not only is there the undead, but an unprecedented 1,000-foot tall robot abomination as well. Players can also use shovels at certain dig sites to collect beneficial items.

So, that's it. What'd we learn? Well, after seeing all the new additions that came with each map, it's clear that Treyarch doesn't back down when it comes to adding new elements of fun and zombie-survival with each new map's release, culminating in a zombie-killing experience that feels unique each time. Let us know in the comments section what your favorite Zombies Mode map is and remember to check out what's new in the mode when Call of Duty: Black Ops III releases on November 6th.

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