Get A Free PS4 Theme For Playing Black Ops III Beta

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Those who partake in the currently active beta for the latest Call of Duty game will be receiving a free PlayStation 4 theme.

We don't know what you're up to this weekend, but since its release, we've been staying busy playing the open-to-all PS4 users Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer beta. As if playing one of our most anticipated games of the fall early wasn't enough, Treyarch is showing their appreciation to fans who play the game, by giving those on PlayStation 4 a free Zombies Mode inspired theme for their consoles. (As seen above.)

There's no telling if or what kind of gift PC and Xbox One users will get for playing, but at least they'll be able to hop into the action when the beta takes place between August 26th - 30th. You can get the full Call of Duty: Black Ops III experience when the game ships on November 6th.

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