"Some Ratings Issues" Delay Firewatch In Europe For Xbox One, Pushed To September 30th

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Those pesky ratings have thrown a bucket of sand over Firewatch's European Xbox One launch this week, but fear not because a launch inferno is building for next week.

While North American Xbox One gamers can enjoy the first-person mystery adventure in the Shoshone National Forest, everyone across the Atlantic pond and even the Pacific puddle (Australia, New Zealand) will have to wait it out until September 30th.

"Some ratings issues delayed our Xbox One launch here but we’re aiming to have the game in your hands on September 30th in Europe and the week after in Australia & New Zealand," blogged Firewatch developer Campo Santo.

Exciting news for anyone already on duty in Firewatch as a free-roam mode being pushed to all other platforms in the coming weeks. The Xbox One version has this by default.

Firewatch releases on Xbox One September 30th in the UK and Europe.

Ever since it was first shown, people have been asking when they can play Firewatch. Well the time is near and this u...
Release Dates
30 Sep 2016-Xbox One
9 Feb 2016-PC
9 Feb 2016-PS4
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