Lost Dimension Coming July 28 To North America, With Free DLC!

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Atlus has confirmed that their sci-fi tactical RPG, Lost Dimension will release on July 28 in North America.

In Lost Dimension the world will come to an end in 13 days at the hands of a man who calls himself "The End" as he causes destruction and carnage in the world. You'll take to the battlefield playing as a member of SEALED, a group of psychics rising up to stop his terror.

Upon the game's release, there will be $20 worth of free DLC available for download for the first two weeks after launch. This includes 9 character costumes, 12 PlayStation Network avatars, 3 additional quests, & an additional map pack called The Beginning of The End, which is a separate story taking place in an entirely different location, featuring five missions in total and explores the creation of the game’s central pillar.

Lost Dimension will come to Europe sometime this summer... You can track its release to stay up to date on when exactly that will be!

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