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Game Dev Tycoon developer Greenheart Games has announced their new project - Tavern Keeper. It's a fantasy simulation game where you run a tavern/inn.

Currently in its Alpha stage of development, the tavern tycoon will put us in charge of a backwater establishment that's not exactly getting many rave-reviews from its patrons. From there we'll build and manage our way to more demanding and higher paying customers.

We'll hire staff and fit out new rooms as we expand, which includes providing somewhere guests can lodge for the duration of their stay. Locals and 'misfit heroes' will come stumbling through our tavern doors.

"A good tavern is the heart and soul of a community - a place for drama and intrigue, shoddy deals and outrageous meals. A place for peasants to relax, travellers to rest and heroes to plan their next daring adventure. But what of the unsung heroes of it all - the tavern keepers?"

Tavern Keeper feature highlights:

• Build and run your own unique fantasy tavern.

• Hire, organize and manage your staff and keep them cheerful and efficient.

• Serve a wide variety of eccentric characters, from human peasants to orc nobility.

• Balance merchant supply, patron demand and larder stocks with a truly medieval storage system.

• Keep patrons satisfied with food, drink, services and entertainment as you build your reputation.

• Expand your kitchen to craft ever more exotic dishes.

• Optimize production workflows to stay a step ahead of the growing crowds.

• Plan carefully, spend your money wisely and keep an eye out for chaotic events that could drive you out of business.

Tavern Keeper is in development for PC with a release scheduled for 2018.

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Tavern Keeper
Grog, mead, watered-down ale... in this fantasy-themed simulator you're running the show as Tavern Keeper. You mus...
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