ID@Xbox Showcase at E3 2015

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One of the most important parts of the industry is the indie developers keeping it on its toes. Microsoft tends to show off the brightest sparks at E3 and, this year, we saw some interesting pieces coming to ID@Xbox.

For what feels like the first time since last E3, we got to see some footage from the beautifully animated platformer Cuphead, developed by Studio MDHR who spoke about bringing the game from a sketch to the console. In the 1930's styled adventure, Cuphead and Mugman must jump and shoot through wonderful worlds after dealing with the devil and take on enemies much larger than themselves.

The developer of Gone Home stood to the stage first to reveal Tacoma, a game taking a totally different route to their previous title. Set in the silence of the Lunar Transfer Station, you must discover what happened to the crew of the station and figure out just why the computer system - Odin - is acting so nefarious.

Ashen is under development by New Zealand team Aurora44. It is a vicious open world where you must decide friend or foe without any help. In the trailer, we see faceless adventurers heading into a cave only to be separated by a broken bridge. Then come the monsters!

Developer at Tiger and Squid, Sherida Halatoe, took to the stage to speak about her latest title: Beyond Eyes. We have previously spoken about this game but most simply, you take control of a young girl who is blind. She must make her way through the world for the first time using her other senses to survive.

Microsoft have also revealed that they are working on an early access system similar to what Steam is doing. To avoid the pitfalls of early access, each game will provide a free trial so you can decide whether or not you want to support it, try before you buy. The current line-up of games is looking to be The Long Dark, Elite: Dangerous, Sheltered, and Day Z will all be available with the former two beginning today.

Speaking of Day Z, its creator Dean Hall took to the stage to announce his new IP: an incredibly ambitious title called ION. A simulation MMO which gives you the chance to become a pioneer in a new universe. For the past year, Hall has been bringing his working prototype to a technology company to bring the title to life.

It will be available on PC and Xbox One soon.

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