That Dragon, Cancer - The Most Emotional Game of 2016 Arrives Tuesday

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That Dragon, Cancer is set to tell an emotional story about the journey of hope on January 12, 2016.

In this point-and-click adventure title from Numinous Games, players will experience the difficult memories that Ryan and Amy Green experienced when their son, Joel, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The story will share the heartache they felt during the diagnosis, leading up to the four-year fight that came to an end in March of 2014 when Joel lost the battle with his disease. The game was made possible by the 3,687 backers that pledged $104,491 on Kickstarter in fall 2014.

That Dragon, Cancer is described as a two-hour long poetic, narrative and ultimately a love letter from his dad to his son. The game will be available on PC. We recommend you watch the Launch Trailer below:

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