Space Hulk Ascension Coming To PlayStation 4

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HR Games will be bringing Space Hulk: Ascension to Sony's PlayStation 4 this year across Europe and other PAL territories. Danish developer Full Control adapted the tabletop Space Hulk into a turn-based strategy game for PC and consoles.

"We are very excited to work with FUNBOX MEDIA for SPACE HULK® Ascension. Their senior staff and distribution capability have proven to be outstanding," said Manny Granillo HR GAMES CEO. “We will work closely with them to bring our franchise title to market.”

Space Hulk Ascension - a standalone expansion - released late in 2014 on PC but now it's ready to deliver its claustrophobic brand of turn-based terror on PlayStation 4. Space Hulk is set aboard so-called 'space hulk' transporters that ferry across space. In the game the Genestealers are skulking in the shadows ready to ambush space marines sent aboard.

Space Hulk Ascension releases on PlayStation 4 sometime in 2016.

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