What Critics Are Saying About Amplitude

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Amplitude is ready to be revamped this month with over twenty songs composed for an optimal beat-matching experience from Harmonix with contributions from Freezepop, Danny B, Jim Guthrie, and more.

Here's the mixed reactions from critics:

COGconnected - 91 out of 100
"A dream come true. It is the near perfection of the music/rhythm genre."

Twinfinite - 90 out of 100
"Amplitude may not be a perfect game that includes every single thing a fan of the previous games could want, but it certainly met my high overall expectations."

GamingTrend - 80 out of 100
"Amplitude hits both highs and lows, but is the kind of score-hunting, high difficulty challenge that rhythm fans will love if they’re looking for something fresh. A solid revival for a pillar of the genre."

Game Informer - 78 out of 100
"While I have reservations about some of the music selections and progression, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying this revival. Amplitude is a taste of the past, but it’s far from outdated."

Push Square - 70 out of 100
"This is a game clearly made for long-standing fans, and made by a passionate team that strived to recreate the gameplay experience of the original on modern hardware. In that sense, Amplitude is a total success."

Hardcore Gamer - 70 out of 100
"Harmonix has delivered a reboot that perfectly captures the spirit and rock solid mechanics of the original, which is something that should be commended."

Destructoid - 65 out of 100
"Amplitude is a competent rhythm game that should provide lots of fun at parties, but the hamstrung tracklist is a severe detriment to its longevity. Harmonix was able to preserve the classic experience, but may have gone overboard in its effort to do so."

Amplitude releases January 5th.

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