Curses ’N Chaos Comes to PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita This August

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The president of Tribute Games, Jonathan Lavigne, wrote today on the official PlayStation Blog to announce Curses ’N Chaos will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this August, bringing echoes of the “golden age of the arcades” along with it.

Mechanics-wise, you’ll pick your character, dive into a level, and start beating the pulp out of every creature (living or dead) that you come across. Along with a promise of smooth controls, there’s a whole lot items to use against the beasties of the world.

In order to make yourself better, you must meet Allison the Alchemist who - for a small donation - will merge two items together to create better ones.

If all this takes you back to your childhood, shoving pennies into arcade machines at a ridiculous pace to get as much time in as you could, then perhaps you should pick up Curses ’N Chaos on August 18th.

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