Benedict Cumberbatch Stars In First Trailer For The Current War

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The clash between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to control the basis for power is so electric that there are two films in the work on that very subject. 

The first one to unveil it's trailer is The Current War which will shed light on the real-life public clash between Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) as to who was going to decide the future of the American electricity industry in the 1880s.

Edison favoured direct current, while Westinghouse and several other companies preferred to push alternating current. Caught between them was inventor Nikola Tesla (Nicholas Hoult). 

Directed by Me And Earl And The Dying Girl's Alfonso Gomez-Rejon will direct a cast including Katherine Waterston, playing Marguerite Westinghouse and Tom Holland as Samuel Insull, Edison's right hand man. 

The Current War will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before heading to the UK on 5 January. 

The Current War
Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison and Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse, THE CURRENT WAR is the epi...
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