Tooth and Tail Announced

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Animals are cute, cuddly and packing flamethrowers as they march to war in Tooth and Tail. The animal revolution is in full swing to settle who's top dog.

Pocketwatch Games presents a real-time strategy where four factions are competing to wipe out their mortal enemies, but there are fortresses and defensive emplacements to build.

In the game's Story Mode we lead the Longcoats and some alcohol-fuelled busy-tailed squirrels as Arroyo Bellafide. The fun can be had with up to four players online and locally via split-screen. As the leader of a faction you run around giving commands to your army and lead the charge to victory. There's no release date yet but a gameplay teaser has been released by the indie studio.

Tooth and Tail is in development for PlayStation 4.

Tooth and Tail
A real-time strategy set in a fantasy world where animal revolution is in full swing. It's an all-out war between ...
Release Dates
12 Sep 2017-PC
12 Sep 2017-Mac
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