Star Wars: Why The Obi Wan Solo Movie Hasn't Happened Yet 

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When it was announced that we’d be getting stories from the Star Wars universe every other year, Rogue One was perhaps not the obvious choice. The biggest names that spring to mind, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Boba Fett and Obi Wan Kenobi – they all seemed more likely candidates to get the further adventures treatment.  

This is a new age; every character has the potential to get their own movie – even Porkins – so while the Han Solo spin-off movie has entered pre-production, why haven’t we seen any movement on, say, an Obi Wan spin off movie. Ewan McGregor, who was one of the genuine highlights of the prequel trilogy, has spoken enthusiastically about returning to the role and with franchise laying foundations in the decades rather than the years, why haven’t we seen anything concrete in that respect. 

Well, speaking to Rebel Force Radio podcast, [url=http://geektyrant.com/news/fascinating-rumored-reason-why-lucasfilm-isnt-developing-a-obi-wan-kenobi-star-wars-story-yet]EW writer Anthony Breznican[/url] said there’s a very good reason why there has been no progress so far. “I have heard rumors that the one reason they haven’t moved sooner on Obi-Wan is that they’re not done with Obi-Wan quite yet in the saga films. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Obi-Wan [solo film] happen beyond ‘Episode IX’.”  

Breznican is fairly close to Lucasfilm and the production teams behind the new Star Wars movies, so what he says does carry a little weight.

McGregor has already made a very brief voice cameo in Episode VII, so could he feature in an extended cameo or flashback in Episode VIII or Episode IX. 

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