NYCC: The Defenders, Power Rangers, The Walking Dead and Doctor Who Unveil New Footage

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The New York Comic Con may have come and gone but we’ll always have the memories…or in this case trailers. Lots and lots of trailers.  

This weekend past thousands gathered at the Javitz Center in New York City – some dressed in lovingly crafted, accurately observed costumes of their favourite heroes – to grab some merch and attend some of the hottest panels and events. 

The Defenders

Perhaps the biggest announcement came from Netflix who let out the battle cry ‘Defenders, assemble!’ and assemble they did, packing the main stage of Saturday where Marvel not only unveiled the new trailer for its upcoming Iron Fist, but also assembled, for the first time, all of The Defenders. There were more surprises too: notably, Sigourney Weaver has joined the Marvel family. Sigourney Weaver! Ripley herself! 

She was invited onstage by Iron Fist star Finn Jones, Mike Colter, who plays Luke Cage, Kristen Ritter, who plays Jessica Jones, and Charlie Cox, best known for playing Daredevil, who announced that she’ll be the main antagonist for our newly assembled Defenders who, after Iron Fist is made available to stream in March, will get their own series in 2017.

Power Rangers

Inviting you to ‘discover the power’ before offering a trailer decidedly lacking in said power, NYCC were ready to Go-go Power Rangers, with the first footage from the movie reboot of the hit 1990's TV show on Saturday at Madison Square Garden, an off-site for this year's Comic Con. 

Did we get to see any Power Rangers in costume? Well, no…but we learn about that their various struggles in high school, that’s as fun as giant robots clattering giant lizard men…right? 

Power Rangers is released on March, 24th 2017

The Walking Dead

Anyway, from dark and mood to…well dark and murdery with The Walking Dead Season 7. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or trapped in your own zombie apocalypse you’ll know that last season we were introduced to Negan who with a finale that literally swung a bat at your feels and at one of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) lieutenants. 

So who bit the big one? Well, The Walking Dead panel delved deeper into the new bad guy and showed fans a special bloody preview of season 7.

The preview clip was also tweeted out by the show after Saturday's panel and it's chilling. It's 3 minutes, 30 seconds long, giving fans a look into Grimes and how he's holding up after losing a dear friend. We still don't know who.

"Not today. Not tomorrow. But I'm going to kill you," Grimes tells Negan in the clip. He sits there shocked, blood on his face.

The Walking Dead is back on AMC on Oct. 23.

Doctor Who

NYCC is all about capes and cowls, so it’s no surprise to see a show not usually associated with superheroes adopting super paraphernalia – that’s right, Doctor Who has a superhero and, he likes kind of weird, no, well maybe ‘over-designed’ but it looks a little…busy. 

Anyway the Doctor will return in…The Return of Doctor Mysterio! So it sounds like the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) will be the villain of this year’s Christmas special which will be the first Doctor Who episode in over a year.     

Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio will air on BBC 1 and BBC America on Christmas Day 

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