Hit & Miss; Modder Gives Smash Roster a Bayonetta Makeover

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Bayonetta’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros was somewhat unexpected, even though Nintendo had published her sequel themselves. When the footage was first revealed, Bayo was clearly different to the rest of the characters; striking familiar poses and generally being downright cool.

Now, a modder who goes by the catchy name of ‘Smb123w64gb’ has decided to slap the game’s roster onto Bayo’s character model and… well…

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article image

It’s pretty hit and miss, as you can see from poor Kirby, but Duck Hunt Dog is lookin’ good, right?


Anyway, be sure to check out the rest below; our personal favourites include the mess that is Charizard, the fabulous Ness and Lucas, and "Falco Caught in the Act".

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