Lucy 2 and Colombiana 2 Announced

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Get ready to add two more sequels to the ever increasing roster of movie follow ups with Luc Besson's EuropaCorp Production House announcing both Lucy 2 and Colombiana 2.

Despite sounding like a generically evil conglomerate from one of its very own movies, EuropaCorp has a strong track record when it comes to providing audiences with regulation action fun and announcing sequels when they turn a profit.

Which is strange because if ever a film was crying out to be a standalone adventure, it's Lucy 2. However despite the madness of its ending, it looks as though the company are pressing ahead with a follow up.

So far, original star Scarlett Johansson has yet to confirm she is returning but given how she's the titular character, it seems more than likely.

As for Colombiana, the original, staring Zoe Saldana, did modest business at the Box Office - making its budget back with a respectable profit on top to justify giving rising star Saldana another go around.

Another star to benefit from a breakout turn in Guardians of the Galaxy is David Bautista, who EuropaCorp has scheduled to appear in Warrior's Gate.

So far, there are no further details on these three releases.

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