Bryan Singer Considering The Anomaly 

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He currently be doing the fandango for his Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, but former X-Men wrangler has his sights set on a new thriller, The Anomaly. 

Written by Michael Marshall (under the pen name Michael Rutger), the novel follows the adventures of Nolan Moore, a rogue amateur archaeologist (are there any other kind of archaeologists?) who dabbles in investigating mysteries. He stumbles on something in the Grand Canyon that could upend everything we know about human history and put an end to our future at the same time.

Empire reports that the rights to the novel were snapped up by The Gotham Group despite the novel not being released until next July.  

The book will be produced by Gotham and Bryan Singer’s Bad Hat Harry with an eye towards Singer directing. 

"We’ve been looking for something that combines the adventure of Indiana Jones with the mystery of Lost and the scares of Alien and we think The Anomaly has that winning combination," says The Gotham Group's Ellen Goldsmith-Vein. 

The next step will be to find a writer to crack the adaptation before Singer considers stepping behind the camera as anything more than a producer. 

The Anomaly (Michael Rutger adaptation)
Based on the forthcoming novel by Michael Rutger, the film will follow the exploits of Nolan Moore, a rogue amateur a...
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