Find Your Way Home In Hiveswap, Releasing This Summer On PC

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Hiveswap is an episodic adventure game coming in mid-2015 to PC.

In Hiveswap, the newest game from What Pumpkin Studios, you play as a young girl named Joey Claire who discovers a mysterious teleportation machine in her attic. Once there, she's mistakenly sucked through a portal and transferred to an alien world. Your quest then becomes to get her home safely as she bands together with a group of scrappy troll rebels and embarks on an epic journey to save the world.

Based on the hit webcomic Homestuck, Hiveswap will consist of 4 episodes, each consisting of new 3D point-and-click adventures of Joey's expedition in each. For the exact release date of the game, make sure you track its release and also check out the new teaser trailer below!

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