Doctor Who To Save The Universe Until At Least 2020

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Rejoice, ye whovians, Doctor Who has 2020 vision (I'm so sorry) when it comes to seeing the shows future.

In an Interview with Doctor Who Magazine, current show-runner Steven Moffat stated the show will go on, for five more years at least. After confessing that the heads of the BBC expected the ratings to go down when he took over the show five years ago, he stated that the ratings for Doctor Who had in fact been the same since its début, and had grown internationally. "No Show does that. You're meant to go down. Doctor Who just stays." He quipped.

When talking of the future of the show, he stated that the BBC were looking to continue the show for another five years, possibly more. This news probably isn't that shocking considering the ever growing international presence Doctor Who has been receiving. Plus, it must be remembered this is a show that has been sticking around since 1963 when it had virtually no budget.

Doctor Who is a show that defies expectations. It is the longest running sci-fi show of all time and has managed to keep the same main character despite replacing the actor that has played him numerous times. Clearly a British skill as secret agent James Bond can attest.

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