Wreckfest Announced For Consoles, New Stuntfest Project Is 'Wacky Physics Playground'

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Bugbear Entertainment has been busy as they confirm their Next Car Game project Wreckfest, which is available now in Early Access for PC, is also coming to consoles.

The destruction derby-like racer has been in Early Access since the beginning of 2014 but it's getting closer and closer to a full launch, one completely wrecked vehicle at a time. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has now been added to the list.

Pre-orders have started and they include Early Access versions for their respective console.

Bugbear has also unveiled a new project they're working on called Stuntfest which focuses on letting gamers create their own insane levels using vehicles and ragdoll physics.

"Stuntfest is a wacky vehicle-based physics playground that will enable you to create your own mischievous levels using the easy-to-use in-game editor and then trying to accomplish all sorts of crazy ragdoll stunts with a choice of vehicles ranging from mobility scooters to shopping carts," blogged the studio.

"Needless to say, the new game will be leveraging on our industry topping physics know-how and it will be something so cool that it’s guaranteed to keep even the non-racing game fanatics among you hooked for hours to an end."

Stuntfest will be joining  Early Access this fall with its own pre-orders now open.

"To celebrate these exciting news we will be running our own special Late Summer Sale on our site with an awesome discount on Wreckfest and Stuntfest. If you still haven’t experienced Wreckfest now is your chance so don’t miss out but grab your copy today dirt cheap and join the racing community!"

Wreckfest releases on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fully in 2017.

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Wreckfest is a new demolition derby themed racing game with soft-body damage modeling, sophisticated driving dynamics...
Release Dates
15 Jan 2014-PC (Early Access)
14 Jun 2018-PC
27 Aug 2019-PS4
Stuntfest is a wacky vehicle-based physics playground that will enable you to create your own mischievous levels usin...
Release Dates
No dates announced yet
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