Gear.Club Unlimited Release Date Announced December

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The Nintendo Switch will be hosting some rather sporty races with Eden Games' Gear.Club Unlimited this December, as it launches for the console.

"Gear.Club is a racing simulation game in which players experience what it's like to drive the best cars in the world! In Gear.Club, they can drive and customise 30 legendary cars from 20 existing world-renowned car manufacturers. They will drive through breath-taking environments in over 400 races, including 200 unique tracks!"

Gear.Club Unlimited uses a split screen mode to challenge friends in league play, events as well as unlimited races. There's also an online mode to go and test yourself against some of the world's best. Eden Games' had released Gear.Club for iOS and Android but this new Unlimited version is exclusively for Switch.

Gear.Club Unlimited releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch December 1st, 2017.

Gear.Club Unlimited
An authentic racing car universe featuring over 400 races with 200 unique tracks spread across three gameplay modes; ...
Release Dates
21 Nov 2017-Switch
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