Trailer Debuts For Lost Ember; It's Just As Pretty As PS4 Exclusive Wild

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Mooneye Studios has released the official teaser trailer for their upcoming game Lost Ember, and it has some striking similarities to the PS4's upcoming exclusive title WiLD, including looking absolutely gorgeous, unique, and fun to play!

Much like WiLD, an adventure title where every creature in the game's land will be playable, Lost Ember will also let players slip into the role of several different animals on their quest to uncover the fate of an ancient world. This includes animals that swim, fly, travel underground, or are able to conquer steep cliffs. The developers promise the game will also feature a story of loyalty, despair, and betrayal that will lead to the fall of a whole world. 

If you like what you see in the reveal trailer below, which we certainly did, you will soon be able to support the game on Kickstarter before its release next year on PC, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One. The developers don't plan to launch the campaign until they've reached at least 5,000 subscribers to their newsletter. You can join it by visiting THIS LINK. As of this writing, 1,903 gamers excited to play Lost Ember have joined!

Lost Ember
The world of Lost Ember is a vivid and varied one. Thick forests with colorful flora and fauna are opened up by the m...
Release Dates
24 Sep 2020-Switch
22 Nov 2019-PS4
22 Nov 2019-PC
WiLD is an adventure game that takes place in a Celtic landscape set 10,000 years ago where players will be able to t...
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