Squadron 42 Release Delayed, Not Coming In 2016

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The single-player and story-rich campaign Squadron 42 for Star Citizen will not be coming  out this year, confirms Chris Roberts during the recent CitizenCon 2016.

It's hardly surprising it wouldn't make a release this year as little fanfare was being made about an impending launch. The single-player portion of Star Citizen is a self-contained adventure that will eventually lead into the larger persistent universe of Star Citizen. Squadron 42 boasts 28 chapters to pilot your way through, which is worth around 60 missions. It's also star-studded with fan-favourite talent such as Mark Hamil, Gary Oldman, John Rhys-Davies and even Andy Serkis.

For anyone who's played Chris Roberts' Wing Commander series you'll know they plan for Squadron 42 to have a lot of personal relationships to nurture between missions. We'll also have a significant impact on the story depending on our competence in the pilots seat, but being on-foot with a rifle is another major component and allows for a lot more diverse missions.

While the delay of Squadron 42 to at least 2017 is time for sad smiley face, Cloud Imperium Games did show off the incredibly impressive 'procedural world generation 2.0' demo that the studio has been hammering away on. All the tech developed for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 benefits both.

Squadron 42 releases on PC in 2017, hopefully.

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