Bring Back Dredd Campaign Targets Streaming Services

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The Bring Back Dredd campaign has turned its attention to streaming services Netflix, Amazon and HBO to continue the cinematic trials of Karl Urban’s Judge Dredd.

Showing little sign of ever accepting that Dredd 2 is dead and buried, the fan led campaign has so far attracted over 100,000 names to its petition urging film companies to make a sequel to 2012 original, and kept that movie near the top of the Amazon release charts by urging people to keep backing it.

Now their attention has turned to streaming services after the success of other comic book adaptations like Netflix/Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, which have given them renewed hope that Mega City One could work as a TV Series.

It’s worth a shot, right? Dredd was great but it was claustrophobic and crying out for more time to explore the worlds of Mega City One – something a sequel or a TV Series would be able to do in spades.

Here’s hoping someone makes the right choice.

You can find the line to the original Bring Back Dredd petition here.

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