PlayStation VR 'Version 2' Announced, Out October In Japan

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Sony has announced a revised design for their PlayStation VR headset that tweaks some of the hardware, but doesn't make any huge technical leaps.

The mouthful that is Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia will be releasing this new shiny PSVR hardware by the middle of October, with a Western launch being scheduled but undeclared for now.

So what are the differences between models?

• Stereo headphone port is integrated into the back of the VR headset, with the cable also able to integrate into the VR unit to keep things tidy.

• A new slimmer, single cable now connects between the VR headset and the Processor Unit plugged into the PlayStation 4 console.

• The Processor Unit now supports HDR pass through, meaning that when the PlayStation VR headset is switched off you can play HDR enabled content on the PlayStation 4 without removing the Processor Unit.

The new model will carry the revision number on its packaging, reports say, to help distinguish it from the launch model. As you can see there's almost no reason to 'upgrade' to the revised headgear if you already own the PlayStation VR. Due to the changes in cables the new Processor Unit isn't compatible with the older headset so you cannot swap them in the hopes of achieving HDR pass through.

PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR2) releases in the West at an undisclosed date, but presumed later in 2017.

PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR2)
A revised and updated version of Sony's PlayStation VR headset that integrates stereo headphone cables into the heads...
Release Dates
10 Jan 2018-Standard
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