The Raid Remake is in Trouble

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The English-language version of The Raid is in trouble as both director Patrick Hughes and studio Screen Gems have abandoned the project.

Details aren’t forthcoming but speculation points to growing frustration for The Expendables 3 director Hughes – who may have jumped ship, quite literally, to Sydney-To-Hobart Yacht Race disaster drama The Storm Warning, because it was a more going concern. As to why Screen Gems took a can of raid to The Raid, is still a mystery.

Brad Ingelsby (Out of the Furnace, Run All Night) and Eric and John Hueber (Red) have all contributed to multiple drafts of the screenplay, as has original Raid director Gareth Evans, who still seems to be attached to the remake as an executive producer.

The actual plot of the remake – or indeed the point of the remake – seemed to have been to take the initial premise of mobsters and thugs laying a trap for a SWAT team and relocate it to the states.

Lone producers XYZ are now looking for a new director and, presumably, a new studio.

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