Top 5 Games To Play - April 2016

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In March, we fought on the streets of New York City in The Division, kicked off the beginning of what's sure to be a promising entry in the HITMAN series, experienced thrilling octogan matches with our favorite fighters in EA Sports UFC 2, raced on the most insane courses we've ever seen in Trackmania Turbo, and got a healthy dose of space and virtual reality in ADR1FT!

You can check out our picks for the time five games you need to check out in April below! Then, let us know in the comments section what games you're looking forward to this month and if you haven't already, start adding your anticipated releases to your very own tracking list by signing up for an account with, find the games you're looking forward to, and simply click "Track."It's that easy and a great way to stay on top of all your anticipated Releases!

Quantum Break
A revolutionary entertainment experience that blurs the line between television and gaming. With Quantum Break, Remed...
Release Dates
5 Apr 2016-PC
5 Apr 2016-Xbox One
29 Sep 2016-PC (DirectX 11)
Ratchet and Clank
Ratchet and Clank are finally coming to PS4. This game based on a movie based on a game brings the dynamic duo back t...
Release Dates
20 Apr 2016-PS4
Dark Souls III
The Souls games are finally coming to a close with the third entry in the series. Dark Souls III will feature brand n...
Release Dates
12 Apr 2016-PC
12 Apr 2016-Xbox One
12 Apr 2016-PS4
Star Fox Zero
Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy save the Lylat system in this new deep space dogfighting adventure. Using the Wii U Game...
Release Dates
22 Apr 2016-Wii U
Lost Reavers
A co-op action title published by Namco that will have you taking down enemies, evading traps, and escaping with spoi...
Release Dates
28 Apr 2016-Wii U
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