Here's What You Missed From The Game Awards 2015; World Premieres and More!

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Live from Los Angeles, we just caught The Game Awards 2015, presented by mobile-first social entertainment platform go90. If you managed to miss the show, here's our rundown of what you missed during the show.

The first World Premiere of the promised 10 was the announcement of "New Super Secret DLC" from Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain Studios, parodying the tipping scene from Reservoir Dogs.

  • A look at the nominees for indie game of the year precedes an indie game World Premiere for a Unity-developed title by one of the folks from Gone Home, revealing Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.
  • The inventors of the real-time strategy genre, Brett Sperry and  Louis Castle, receive the Industry Icon Award.

  • We flash back to the 80's as Kung Fury returns to the beat 'em up stage as Kung Fury: Street Rage - The Arcade Strikes Back. Do you want to shoot Nazi's in the crotch as Triceracop? What about disintegrating enemies as Hackerman? Do you want to see Thor flexing his pectorals? Of course you do!

  • The next World Premiere is the first piece of Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC taking Lara Croft to the cave Temple of the Witch, Baba Yaga. The DLC will bring an all new story with mysterious new enemies and hours of new gameplay to sink your teeth into. 
  • Just before the show begins, it is announced that Super Mario Maker has won Best Family Game and Mortal Kombat X has won Best Fighting Game. Then, Splatoon wins Best Multiplayer and Lara Croft Go wins Best Mobile/Handheld Game.
  • Shaquille O'Neal hits the stage himself to reveal Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, as well as a new E-Sports league coming to TBS. Optic Gaming wins Best eSports Team, KennyS wins Player of the Year, Counterstrike wins eSports Game of the Year, and No Man's Sky wins Most Anticipated Game.

  • Ubisoft Montreal takes the stage to reveal Far Cry Primal's first gameplay footage: become prey to giant beasts or face your fear, you will be the first to tame these beasts.
  • Greg Miller is awarded the Trending Gamer award and delivers a very emotional speech

  • Another World Premiere; you'd better get the Admiral on the phone because there's a ridiculous amount of problems for this next mission, including a sleeping girl who believes she's herding sheep... it's a job for the Psychonauts in the sequel they've always deserved. 
  • Pete Hines popped out to give you another reason to play The Elder Scrolls Online: you could potentially win $1,000,000 if you play the game at any time between today and January 10th, and fill out a form on the website.
  • Rocket League wins both Best Indie Game and Best Sports/Racing Game.

  • The next World Premiere is a brand new trailer for Quantum Break which reminds you that Time is the world's biggest killer; coming April 5th.
  • Putting the awards aside, a moment is taken to remember industry legend Satoru Iwata with a brief video before Reggie Fils-Amie takes the stage to remind us how unique and fearless the man truly was. 
  • Life is Strange earns the Games For Impact Award, Portal Stories: Mel nabs Best Fan Creation, and CD Projekt Red receives Developer of the Year.

  • Prepare for true rock stardom in 2016 with Rock Band VR for which the developers received consultation from DragonForce. Then, Phil Spencer reveals that Ori and the Blind Forest has earned Best Art Direction.

  • Rocket League has another surprise in the form of an Xbox One appearance next February, fit with Gears of War and Halo-themed vehicles.
  • Mark Hamill appears to announce the winner of Best Action/Adventure Game, handing the award to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

  • Apparently, Hideo Kojima had every intention of being at the show but had been told by a Konami lawyer that he was not allowed to show up. After a rendition of Quiet's Theme, MGS V receives Best Score/Soundtrack.
  • A slip of the tongue awards Best Performance to Viva Seifert of The Witcher 3, not Her Story.

  • The Walking Dead: Michonne receives a brief trailer revealing it as a three episode series starting this February.
  • Game of the Year is the last big award left and it is now safely in the hands of CD Projekt Red for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt which also won Best RPG.
  • The show closes to some new music from Deaddau5 featuring samples from video games along the way such as Super Mario World, Battletoads, and more. 
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