Windows 10 Releases July 29

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"It’s the same desktop you know and love, only better."
Microsoft has announced today that it will be rolling out the newest version of Windows on July 29th.

To prepare for Windows 10, Microsoft is making it simple for users. For select owners who have an older version of Windows, all you'll have to do is go to your Notification Area in your current browser's Taskbar and find the Windows icon. Once you click on it, it'll reveal a new Windows 10 upgrade panel. This is your way to opt-in to the free upgrade ahead of time, but as always, you'll have a year to climb onto the Free Windows 10 bandwagon.

Once it becomes available on July 29th, if you’ve already opted-in, the update will automatically download and install for free. As far as features go, Windows 10 will have a quick start up and more security. Edge is the name of the new browser and the Windows Store will be just a click away.

You can check out the highlighted features in action with the newly released trailer below:

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