March 2016 Nintendo Direct Catch-Up!

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Yesterday's Nintendo Direct brought us some interesting bits and bobs of news, did you manage to catch it? Fear not, here's our list of what you missed!

First things first, Splatoon will be seeing a pair of free updates in the coming weeks. On March 8th, the game will receive changes to the balance of equipment, as well as matchmaking improvements. The second update - release date pending - will add new weapon combinations named "Sheldon's Picks".

Coming March 9th, Super Mario Maker will add a handful of new items including a key and a locked door to terrorise your players just that bit more. Additionally, you'll get Super Expert mode for the 100-Mario Challenge.

If you can't wait for Nintendo and Atlus's crossover of Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei, you might be happy to hear that the game has received an official localised title - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - and a release date of June 24 in North America.

Nintendo also announced Lost Reavers; an online multiplayer zombie-puzzle adventure game coming from Bandai Namco. An open beta will launch this April 14 with an official release launching April 28.

Our favourite 2D plumber returns in Paper Mario Color Splash later this year!

Game Freak will be launching a new IP called Pocket Card Jockey in May for the 3DS; you'll need to solve solitaire puzzles quick if you want to win the race.

Hyrule Warriors Legends drops on March 24/25 - which you'd already know if you saw our recent video! - and will receive four DLC packs which you can grab in a Season Pass from Nintendo. You'll also nab a bonus costume for Ganondorf if you opt for the Pass.

Okay, lightning round!

What are you most excited about?

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