WOLSELEY 12/48, 14/60 cover art

WOLSELEY 12/48, 14/60

Classic Car

Wolseley’s status as a luxury-orientated marque meant that its big pre-war car cars went back into production soon after the end of the war. The 12/48 was a heavy and conventionally-engineered saloon with a 44bhp 4-cylinder 1548cc engine which struggled to shift the car’s bulk adequately. Slightly more lively was the longer-bonneted 14/60, its extra length necessary to accommodate the extra two cylinders of its 1818cc six-pot engine, giving 55bhp. These stately old school machines were built until 1948 when they were replaced by the Wolseley 4/50 and 6/80 ranges.

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The WOLSELEY 12/48, 14/60 release date is to be announced on Estate.

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