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Wanted: The Outlaws


The Outlaws is a euro-style card game where you get to lead a posse of bandits in the American Wild West. The meanest cowboys and most daring heists are all up for grabs in this fight to be the baddest outlaw in town. You start by hiring characters to build your posse. Send your gang on jobs by matching their stats to what the job requires and roll some dice to find out if they brought back some loot, earned you some reputation, or got shot in the process. The characters and jobs all come from a communal field, so you'll have to plan ahead and act quickly to get the good stuff. The player with the most reputation will win the game, and rep only comes from doing jobs, so you won't get ahead by playing it safe. You'll have to take chances, and your posse will probably die, but that's just the nature of the game for The Outlaws.

Wanted: The Outlaws release date expected Q1 2015 4 Years Ago (UK)

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Wanted: The Outlaws was released 1511d ago in the UK.
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Q1 2015Expected
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