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Alyssa has wanted two things her whole life: to be a writer, and to marry Tyler Pierce. Tyler Pierce is her brother’s best friend. He’s a bad boy, baseball player and women love him. Alyssa never thought she would catch his eye. She’s always loved him from afar. Content with that. Sort of. Until one day, Tyler returns her feelings and their relationship drastically changes. And then Tyler goes off to join the military and is deployed shortly after. He only asks Alyssa for one thing when he goes ‘Wait for Me.’ But Alyssa is left alone with her love for Tyler, broken promises, and a secret she has tried to share with Tyler, but one he has never acknowledged, leaving Alyssa to deal with everything with just her family by her side, but not the one person she really needs. The love of her life.

Wait for Me release date December 29, 2014 5 Years Ago (US)

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Wait for Me was released 1973d ago in the US and the UK.
December 29, 2014Confirmed
December 29, 2014Confirmed
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