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VOLVO 480 ES/Turbo Release Date

The classic car VOLVO 480 ES/Turbo upcoming Hatchback release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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VOLVO 480 ES/Turbo cover art

VOLVO 480 ES/Turbo

Classic Car

As a belated successor to the 1800ES, the quirky 480ES echoed its predecessor’s frameless glass hatchback but, from the front, looked like no Volvo before. The design was a dramatic and sleek wedge with pop-up headlamps and a tiny Volvo-badged grille hiding under the front bumper. Front-wheel-drive was a first for the marque and there were faddish features such as door pillar-mounted locks and an electronic information centre. 1721cc and 1998cc engines featured and there was a turbocharged version from 1989. An oddball in the Volvo canon but an intriguing creation.

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